Battling reactive mode

To start it positive: today was a good day, mainly. More ups than downs, and some opportunities to be creative. I spent time doing what I wanted to do. But in the evening it somehow went wrong.

Half of the day I pictured myself using the evening for nice activities on my blog:  playing around, exploring the possibilities, maybe writing something nice, maybe starting to fill the bookshelf.

But as soon as I settled down at the computer I was sucked into reactive mode. The email I had prepared yesterday to quickly finish off and send: draft disappeared, needed to be re-written from scratch. Other e-mails coming in, demanding attention. My phone starting to beep, giving me text messages that wanted to be answered. My laptop feeling like going on strike, needing to be re-started.

After I dealt with all this: one look at the clock, telling me the nice cosy evening has almost passed without being nice and cosy at all.

Any choices here?

I chose not to force it. I chose to go to bed – almost. I thought, why not write it down. Turn it into something. Something that will give me the feeling that this evening was not utterly lost.

So maybe that is an idea. After having dealt with the chores that force themselves upon you, allow yourself some nice little reward. Does not have to be a piece of chocolate. Could be something  that gives you back your feeling of control. Some moment of happily doing what you love to do.

And now I choose to go bed.

Good night.


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