Small Sweet Satisfaction

You probably all now the feeling: Something small happens, a tiny little nastiness, and you think “Why are they always getting away with it? Why is no-one watching?” Well, today, someone was.

I was sitting in my car, driving home. Rush-our had passed, so the streets were rather quiet, traffic feeling was calm. I came to a traffic light, where I needed to turn right. On the side of the road was a bike path, so I needed to watch out for bikers (where I live, you always have to watch out for bikers – from any direction, at any time: they can appear out of thin air, and they are fast!). As I was approaching the lights turned yellow. I probably could still have proceeded, but I had to let some bikers pass, and while I waited for them, the lights turned red.

Fine, I thought, staying put in front of the red light. Not fine, the car behind me must have thought – because he suddenly passed me on the left side, driving through red and sped on.

I blinked. I let out a very modest honk – the type saying “what?”, not the one screaming “you idiot what do you think you are doing here?”, and exchanged a look with a very startled pedestrian who had just wanted to cross the road.

Then I heard the sound. A very nice deep “vroom” sound, coming out of the engine of the motorbike that sped past me now. Sitting on it was 1 policeman.

So I guess the driver who could not stand to loose a minute will now have lost a couple of more minutes, explaining his behaviour to the policeman . Plus he probably will have to part with some Euros.

I must confess I drove home with a smile on my face.

(I mean, seriously: Probably everyone has driven over a traffic light that was not really yellow anymore… more like very dark orange…. when you approach a traffic light and you think you can just make it and later realise it would have been better to have stopped. But actively overtaking someone who is already stopping at that light? That tops my previous number one in startling traffic light behaviour: Watching someone waiting at a traffic light, who then after a while seems to think he had enough and just starts driving while the light is still red. I have seen that two or three times already and I never cease to wonder what goes on in these people’s heads. – Oh, am I ranting now? 😉 )

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