Christmas Thoughts

Looking back at Christmas Eve, what do I see?

It was a day filled with bubbling excitement and we-cannot-wait-any-longer feelings from the boys. I guess for them it was the longest day of the year.

There was the service at our church: a special children’s service with a Christmas play. The church was fully packed, over the time it got really hot and sticky in there, all children getting red ears and rosy cheeks. The service was nice, although the last half hour was probably stretching endlessly for the children.

Then heading home, the excitement reaching its peak. The little bell rang and there was the tree, glowing, with parcels underneath, and two little boys went “oooohhhh”.

We then enjoyed a little concert by two guitars (older boy and husband), accompanied partly by one singing voice (younger boy).

Afterwards the presents were opened in lightning speed and the living room was filled with delighted cries. Two boys were very happy. The adults opened their presents too, more slowly, smiling.

After some playing we had dinner – the boys ate more than I would have expected, being magically drawn back to their presents. They were not interested in dessert though. 😉

We let them play a little longer, than brought them to bed. They were tired, but content, looking forward to more play in the morning.

Husband and I then cleaned up the kitchen and settled cosily by the tree with our desserts.

What followed then is my personal Christmas ritual. When all the excitement has subsided, I love to sit next to the tree, listen to some music and start reading my Christmas book. (Christmas without at least on new book is no real Christmas for me. This year I was really lucky: I got four.) While husband started tinkering with his own present, I read a few pages, listended to the music, looked at the tree, read a few more pages, thought for at bit. Later I got the newspaper and skimmed through that – a mixture of Christmas related news and normal ones.

Looking after the tree for a while, the feeling that dominated me was that of deep thankfulness. Thankfulness because I could spend this lovely day with my family, being warm and sheltered and cosy. Being able to dress in festive clothes, give them presents, cook them a nice meal. Being able to sit next to the tree, knowing two healthy boys slept peacefully upstairs, one loving husband sitting next to me.

Thanks – to everyone, everything, God and the universe. And Merry Christmas.

(I know this post is soppy, irony-free and probably boring…. but today it does feel good to just be happy.)

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