New Year’s Resolutions: The annual game of good intentions

It seems you cannot escape them these days: resolutions for a better next year. Although January 1st is just one day further from December 31st, we still feel we are doing a magic leap into something new. It is a bit as with birthdays: of course you are not suddenly a whole year older on your birthday, just one day older as the day before… but obvioulsy we humans like to put some drama in our counting. We like to jump from time to time.

I have to admit I like to jump too. And, as the rest of us, every year after Christmas I start wondering about the past year, speculating about the coming one.

The other day I read something in the newspaper: the author evaluated her resolutions from last December, thinking about what had worked out and what had not. Good idea  – if only I could remember my resolutions from last year… (My forgetting them could be a sign I did not take them seriously, oh well.) But it is probably safe to assume they contained something like “healthy life”, “more sport”, “less stress”.  I think everyone has at least one health-related item on their list, and the more I think about it the more I seem to remember something like “do more yoga”, “take up running again”, “eat less sweet stuff”. The last one is an inevitable result of Christmas food: too many cookies, to many big dinners, not enough sport (no yoga classes during the holidays, bad weather resulting in many hours on the couch). So I think I can take that item over from last year’s list to this year’s. First item found.

What else is on everybody’s list? “Spend more time doing things you really like.” I am sure I had that one on my list too! Actually I was not so bad with that item this year – I have managed to let go of some activities that had become obligations keeping me away from stuff that really matters to me (writing!). But saying ‘no’ from time to time should stay on my list, since I still need some practise there. Second item found.

What else? “Spend more time with family and friends”. Good one, very important. I take that too. Third item found.

It seems I am not a very special person so far, since my resolutions for 2014 are

a) basically the same as everyone else’s in the world and

b) probably the same as last year.

Oh, what the heck. It is crazy anyway to think one’s needs and dreams are much different from those of the other 7.something billion people of the world. And b) just shows that I am not giving up on old fights just because one more year (day!) has passed.

But maybe, for the sake of doing something a bit different this year I should add an item number four: I will try to more actively choose – my actions and my reactions, my thoughts and my emotions (the last one is the hardest). And I will try to choose positively, optimistically.

Ok, that’ it. List ready. I am done.

2014, you can come now!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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