Looking at those resolutions: Part II

After having looked critically at the health-related items on my resolutions list last week, today is the day to examine the outcome of “try  to spend more time doing things you really like”. (And I won’t mention the fact that I had a bit of a relapse sweets-wise… partly due to younger son’s birthday…. I am talking cake and icing and jelly beans…)

Doing things I really like – so that would be writing. So, how has my writing coming along in January (plus a bit of February)?

Well. Yes. Better than in December. But not as much as I wanted it to.

Why is it that even though I really try to schedule time for writing, dedicate whole mornings to it, other things still manage to sneak and wriggle their way in? Volunteer work at school, chores at home, doctor’s appointments – they come slithering into my life one here and one there, clogging up my free time, and before I realise my week is full of the stuff.

It is your own choice, I hear you say. Just say “no” to the volunteer work, leave the mess in the house a mess, and stop complaining about things like dentist’s appointments – they are only once every 6 months anyway. (And if you stay fit and healthy you won’t need a doc in between. Ha ha.) If writing is that important to you, then stick to it.

Yes. I know. True. But.

But doing stuff at school is fun too, and I enjoy being around the kids (my own and their class mates). And I like it when the house is a bit less messy. And things like laundry and grocery shopping need to be done.

O.k. But then it is your choice, isn’t it? Your conscious choice?

Then don’t complain. And use the free time you have left in between wisely.

All right. I won’t. I will. Promise.

(P.S. I really had no big plans for this morning, only writing. Had it big in my calendar. But. But then I realised that if I put in another one or two hours I can finish the big reorganising of our living room before the boys come home. So I moved stuff around. Threw out LOTS of things – that’s why I needed to do it alone – found new places for the things that are left… Now it really looks good. And I am happy. Because this has been on my to-do-list for some time. And today was just the day for it. … My choice. – At least I got this post done afterwards. And now I will have some lunch. 😉 )


2 thoughts on “Looking at those resolutions: Part II

  1. I find that I have to keep working on balance, particularly with hobbies (for me writing is just a hobby, I’m not an aspiring “writer”). First I prioritize the things that I consider my job- although I don’t work outside the home I still have all kinds of stuff to do, as a homemaker/homeschooling mom. But now that two of my kids are grown and my younger boys are older, plus we’ve simplified our life tremendously, I do have a fair amount of free time. I like to write, but sometimes I purposely choose to do something else instead, like read or play a game with my kids or talk to my husband or go for a walk.
    Blogging has a whole other element that goes beyond just writing, the “community” aspect, and while I enjoy some aspects of this I also feel like I can get too caught up in it and that’s not necessarily a good thing. I appreciate the motivation that blogging has given me to write, but I still want to be mostly living my life, not thinking about ways to document it.

    • So true – living your life is the important thing… - That is probably the danger of blogging, to get too absorbed. (I would love to become a “real writer”… but not in English… being a non-native speaker I know my English will never be good enough for that…So this blog is also just a hobby for me… a place for my random thoughts to live in.)

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