Shifting boxes again – but differently

We did it. The move has happened, nothing seems to be broken (at least I have not found out yet) and we have been living in our new house for a week now. It is great – although I am still constantly searching for things that are hiding in the boxes somewhere, and spend a lot of time running up and down the stairs, fetching or disposing of things that are on the wrong floor.

Slowly we are finding our routine. Slowly the boxes are being unpacked. Some of the are easy: stacks of t-shirts that just wander onto the shelf in the wardrobe where they belong. Some are a bit more tricky: pots and mugs and kitchen stuff that needs to be organised in the new kitchen. But these are things you need, so you find a place for them. And then there is the third type: the “oh no”-boxes. “Oh no” as in “oh no why on earth did I pack this, where am I going to put it, I do not really want it anyway.” Some of the “oh nos” I finally throw away (should have done that in the old house already). Some eventually find a place, some wander down to the cellar and might be thrown away later after all, when shelf space gets more scarce and the “oh nos” have to fight for their right of being against the rightful cellar dwellers like the winter coats, the vacuum cleaner and the tool box. Actually some of the tools will wander further into the deep space of the garage, as soon as we have got rid of the growing stack of now empty, folded boxes that waits for the removal people to pick them up again.

These empty, folded boxes are actually pretty annoying, at least at the ones that are not (yet) in the garage but claiming a lot of free (wall) space in the house now. They are wobbly, they tend to fall over and are constantly trying to un-fold themselves again.

And then there is this one box I have been looking for: the box containing the last bits I packed from our bedroom – the bedside lamp, the alarm clock, these things. I especially need my alarm clock back! At the moment I am using my mobile phone, which inevitably results in me forgetting it next to the bed in the morning. I am so used for it living inside my bag, so I never check if it is really there when leaving the house.

Need to find that box tomorrow. It is probably hiding somewhere behind two boxes full of “oh nos”. But it cannot hide forever, because I am brave and will also tackle the “oh nos”. But not now. Now I will have another cup of tea and then try to go to bed a bit earlier than usually.

Good night.


4 thoughts on “Shifting boxes again – but differently

    • You are right – it is fun! Although sometimes there is some mad laughter in between…. followed by the words: You never believe what I found in this box! 😉

  1. Choosing, things seem so organized while you unpack. Except it takes months to remember where everything has been placed. I know you’ll be happy in your new home and hope you find ‘the’ box.

    • When I unpack, it is far from organised…. 😉 More like chaos running wild. But somehow miraculously the things find their place in the new house. And it is starting to look better and better (apart from the dark corners where I dump the “oh-no-things”).

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