Moment of Bliss

Today I had one of these moments – when you suddenly stop in the middle of what you are doing. And feel. And hear. And see. All that is around you.

It was half past 8 in the evening, still light and mild outside. Instead of cleaning the kitchen I had decided to tinker around in the garden for a bit, pull some weeds here, give one plant a little water there, sweep the deck. It was past the boys’ bedtime, but it is weekend and it is the Football World Championship (yes, for them it is very much in capital letters), so I let them watch Brazil against Chile. I could hear their happy, excited voices through the open door, commenting on the game like their were serious sports reporters, giving the players advice of how to win the game.

So I heard the boys, I heard the birds, the water in our little pond, I felt the weeds between my fingers, the air on my skin. It was a moment when I was in perfect alignment, inside, outside, doing what I chose to do, enjoying it.

I am still feeling thankful about it.

Good night.


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