Everyone out there in the snowstorm – hang on!

This is really weird: I walked around in sunshine and mild temperatures today – the little bit of “winter” we had in the Netherlands (meaning a few degrees below 0 Celsius) was washed away by the rain yesterday. The birds are singing, there are loads of green buds in my garden, and I have the feeling that spring is on its way.

And then I switch on my laptop and look at the news: snowstorm in the US…. definitely not looking like spring over there.

So, everyone across the Atlantic, hang on tight! If I could, I would sent you some warm weather to make all that snow melt… but as it is I can only send some warm thoughts.

Take care and be save!

5 thoughts on “Everyone out there in the snowstorm – hang on!

  1. Though it is cold here, the snow actually missed us altogether! I’m not complaining 🙂 My friend in Pennsylvania had 2.5′ and spent the entire day yesterday shoveling his driveway, so no … I am not jealous. Cold here, but no snow. Enjoy your green buds and nearly spring-like weather!

    • Good to hear that you are fine! The pictures and news stories I saw looked serious! – As for the spring-like weather: it was still very mild today but also quite grey and wet… but I am not complaining. If the forecast is right, the sun is due back tomorrow! 🙂

    • I have to say: on the one hand there were all these news reports about the dangers and the accidents etc. – but on the other hand there were also loads of pictures of how people made the best of it: building snowmen, moving about with cross country skies, talking walks… It sort of gave the cities back to the pedestrians for a short time. – Not that I want to say the snowstorm was a good thing … but people managed to make something good out of it, at least partly. And that is good to see.

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