The Beach and the Power of Calm

Today I treated myself to another walk on the beach. It was a bit cold, but sunny, without wind, which is rare. There must have been some wind active further out on the sea though, because the waves rolling in were quite high – much to the pleasure of a lot of surfers who did not seem to mind the cold at all.

As it was a normal weekday morning there were not so many people on the beach, just some solitary walkers with their dogs, a few couples and even fewer mothers with small children in rubber boots who tried to play tag with the waves. The surfers were all out in the water, from the distance they looked like seals in their wetsuits.

I walked for a while, looking at nothing special, just feeling the warmth of the sun on my back. When I finally turned around to head back I walked a bit closer to the water line. The tide was low, so low that first I thought it must be at its lowest. But when I stopped and watched the coming and going of the waves I realised the water level was still sinking. There were a lot of fresh sea shells lying around, and of course I started picking some of them up. I never leave the beach with not at least one or two special ones, or an oddly shaped stone. I kept on looking, saw the water flowing out of the little sand pools, trying to get back to the sea. Now and then one of the bigger waves refilled them a bit, but all in all the beach was growing bigger. You could actually see the sand getting drier where the water had left. It did not glisten so much in the sun anymore, growing darker and softer looking.

I stood and watched and felt calm. Where all attempts to meditate regularly fail, sea and sand easily succeeded. I stopped thinking, I merely observed. I was.



6 thoughts on “The Beach and the Power of Calm

  1. Sounds blissful! It has been some 20+ years since I have been to a beach. While you were walking on the beach, I was watching my granddaughter and the neighbor boys build a snowman! 🙂

    • Oh, my boys would love doing that! It has not snowed here properly for at least two years… or is it three? I do not miss the hassle of driving here in winter weather (funnily enough, the Dutch love to ski but start to panic if they see one snow flake on their streets at home… and then basically stop driving faster than walking speed), but these winters are strange…. But to be honest, I am done with “winter” now anyway… it can come next year… I am waiting for SPRING! 🙂

  2. I thought I’d commented on this post already, but I guess that must be my old memory playing tricks to me. Trips to the beach are rare for me, but fun when they happen. I’m not keen on sand getting into my jam sandwiches, though.

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