… and still there is hope

If you look at the news these days, it is easy to feel pessimistic. So many things seem to go wrong.

There is war. And terror.

And so many people in need.

There is the everyday stupidity and racism and self-centredness.

Not even mentioning the way we are polluting this planet.


And still.

Today many people around the world are celebrating Easter, a day of hope and love and life.

In spite of all the terrible things happening, let us not forget the good things. We need to live our ideals, need to continue to hope and to love.

Let us make this a good day. To show everyone that we are not despairing, that we believe we can make it happen.

Happy Easter!

– And tomorrow, let’s get up and fix this mess! If everyone starts with the little things right in front of them, we can achieve a lot.  🙂



17 thoughts on “… and still there is hope

    • We had a lovely time, thank you. I think I had too many chocolate eggs, but otherwise it was fine. 😉 And I am going to cook a lot of vegetables this evening, to balance things out a bit…. 😉 Hope you had a good time too!

  1. life needs to be lived.. there were and will be terrible things happening around but the power of hope for a better world must keep us all going… celebration is a part of HOPE

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