Good bye 2017 ;-)

Oh dear … has it really been that long? Is this going to be my blogging history for 2017? One “Hello”, one “Good-bye”?

Is that embarrassing or what?

Well. Yes.

No. Not really.

It does mean my thoughts have not been on this blog a lot this year, true. It does not mean I have not been busy reading other people’s blogs though. I was hopping around WordPress World regularly, although not so often or not as long as maybe last year.

Why? Well, and that’s the good news: I have been busy writing my book. And that’s why my lack of creativity here is not that embarrassing – I actually did write a lot this year, only somewhere else. And in another language. (No, it is not finished yet, still a long way to go, but thanks for asking.)

Not that a lot of people will have noticed anyway, as my blog never has been a magnet for visitors, so at least I do not need to feel guilty disappointing anyone.

But I will not give up this little space of mine completely. Time might come that I want to use it again more often.

Anyway, so much for explanations.


So … although 2017 might not have been a great year in politics, won’t win a price for peace or humanity … it has been kind enough to me, personally, for which I am grateful (which does not mean that I am closing my eyes from the bigger picture – but I think one should be thankful for the small things too).

Two more days to go still, but: thank you 2017, and looking forward to 2018!

Let’s all make an effort to improve in whatever way we can – personally and on the big world stage. And that’s as far as I will go into the topic of New Year Resolutions this time.

Happy New Year!