Another year gone … and what about the next?

Hello … it has been a while.

My last blog post was a Good Bye to 2017 … now we are just saying Good Bye to 2018. It is the time of looking back and of making resolutions. The newspapers are full of it, and the  tv, and at least half of the internet (no, I did not count, this is just a rough estimate).

So I could start by making apologies for not having written a single word for the whole year (until now). But who am I kidding? It was a) my choice not to write and b) not many people will have noticed anyway. So I will skip the apologies. Let’s just say life was busy and (mostly) good (my private life, I am not taking about this crazy world around us).

Why I am writing this now?

Because it fits my end-of-the-year-feeling.

Because I have this thoughts swirling around my head, and this is the place for random-thoughts-that-need-a-home.

Because I usually do what everyone else does and make this lists for a better year, resolutions and plans and things. And some work out and most don’t and many I forget.

But this year I will do it differently: I will not have a list of tangible goals (like eating more healthily and go to my yoga classes more often). I will throw two sentences into the world, two mantras I want to hold on to this year. I will put them here for myself to remember, one general and one for my writing life.



Have a good, happy, healthy 2019, everyone! And you are welcome to share my goals. 🙂