The glass wall is down: How my comments got their wings back

(If you want to know what happened before, you might want to read the post before this one: Behind the glass wall: When my comments got caught in the spam filter)

Well, it did not happen “tomorrow”, so yesterday I was keeping myself busy by polishing my glass wall. It had gone a bit greasy from me pressing my nose onto it. Luckily there was one small hole in it though: One blogger found my comment in her spam queue and rescued it from there. So her blog was the only one accessible for my comments. Out of curiosity I did try one or two comments elsewhere – I found really great posts from people who had commented on my last post, so I just had to try to communicate. It did not work. So more of my words are hanging in spam folders somewhere. Sad.

But I was getting more and more curious about the why. The friendly support guy from Akismet had asked me to do another test by then, and I was waiting for the answer.

The answer came this morning: problem solved, you are ok again (not with exactly these words, but this is the gist of it). I was so happy! Did not completley trust it though, I have to admit (shame on me). So I did my own little tests: one coment on a blog where I had not tried it before. IT WORKED! Happiness spreading. Then I tried commenting at some place where I had failed before. I thought since there is one of my comments in their spam queue, maybe they will reject the following ones automatically? You never know, right? BUT IT WORKED TOO! Happiness complete.

The curiosity was still there though, since I still did not know the reason. So in my thank-you-it-worked-mail I asked the support guy if he could tell me what it was. Unfortunately he couldn’t.  Or rather, he wouldn’t. He just told me it was an oddity in Akismet, nothing to do with what I did or wrote. Which is quite consoling on the one hand, but on the other hand I would have really liked to know how this Akismet ticks. And what made it tick wrong. But probably that is knowledge on a need-to-know-basis… and it obviously I do not need to know. 😉 Or they did not want to bother me with technical details (I would have liked to be bothered in that case…).

Oh well, some mysteries will stay mysteries forever. For me the most important thing is that now my comments are flying free again.

Behind the glass wall: When my comments got caught in the spam filter

For almost a week now I have not been able to post any comments on other people’s blog. Or, to be more precise, I can post them alright, but they seem to disappear in some strange online nirvana. Or so I first thought.

Ok, my first thought was I had hit the ‘cancel’ button by accident. But how many wrong buttons can you hit in a row? I tried commenting on other blogs, with the same result. Puff, gone. So I ventured into the support corner of WordPress, posted my problem in the help forum and waited.

While I waited I discovered I felt a bit frustrated. Which is funny, since I am still such a newbie at blogging and commenting and stuff. All this reading of other people’s blogs, commenting on them, writing your own post – I have been doing that for only about 6 weeks now. Everything is fresh for me, as I am wandering around WordPress, finding new fascinating sites and post and thoughts. I am still feeling a bit tentative about throwing my thoughts out in the air, about forcing my opinion on other people by commenting on their thoughts. But I have to confess I do really like it. It is great to discover that somewhere on the other side of the world there is someone who thinks along the same lines, who wrestles with the same problems, or has these amazing ideas that make you think. If you had told me two months ago that I would get fidgety because I could not share my thoughts on some complete stranger’s ideas with the complete stranger (and anyone else who might be dropping by) I would have laughed out loud and called them silly.

Luckily I did not have to wait long until I was contacted by one of the “Happiness Engineers”. This really made me happy. I gave her the details she was asking for, she promised to look into the problem, I settled back to waiting. But hopeful. It came in handy that we had quite a busy weekend with the extended family, so I was not able to hop around the blogging world anyway.

And I did not have to wait long. My friendly Happiness Engineer was back with some news. She told me that apparently all of my comments are flagged as spam and advised me to contact the Akismet support for help.

Spam? Spam??? Me? My frustration levels were rising again. My comments are certainly not brilliant, but they are my honest thoughts, not spam! So far I had given the whole spam filter thing only about two thoughts, and they were all friendly, but now I was definitely feeling some grumpiness.

So I did as advised, got to the Akismet help corner, filled in a form stating my problem and hoped for another helping hand to appear. It did appear, asked me to give them more details, which I did. Now I am waiting again.

To be honest I feel a bit like I am stuck behind a glass wall. I can see what everyone writes, can see them communicate with each others, but cannot join in. The only thing I can do is throwing my own post out into the world, or rather stick it here, and hope that someone comes by. But I am not sure if anyone will notice.

Hello? Helloooo? Anyone out there who can hear me? I would like to join the conversation again!

But no, I am going to pull myself together now and remind myself that I do have a real life in the big 3D world around me. And that honestly no-one is sitting waiting for my comments anyway.

Just relax, do some writing offline, do some chores, write some real-paper Christmas cards (the big list of un-ticked names is frowning at you anyway), talk to your husband, go to bed early.

Yes, good choice. Will do.

(But secretly I do hope that tomorrow the nice people from Akismet contact me with the news that they have solved my problem, that I am no longer a persona non grata on everyone blogs. – Tomorrow? Please?)