Choosing a Challenge

There haven’t been a lot of big choices around lately. Just the usual day-to-day stuff. But suddenly one sneaked up and sort of presented itself rather unexpectedly.

We have been living in the same apartment for quite some time now. It has slowly changed from being very spacious (when it was just the two of us) to getting more and more crowed (with the arrival of the boys, followed by their clothes and toys and books and more toys and even more books). So thoughts of moving to a bigger place have been in the air for a while, but we never really did something with them, except for the occasional glance at our local real estate website. We like our neighbourhood so we would like to stay close, we would love to have a bit of a garden for a change, and we would prefer our future home not being one of the really old houses (which were built around the 1920s).  Since our neighbourhood basically consists of these old houses, what we wanted was a bit tricky. The old houses are beautiful, but most of the time you have to renovate them for a fortune, and you never know what is lurking beneath the floorboards or inside the walls.

So we concentrated on optimising our current apartment, chucking out some stuff here, putting up new shelves there, rearrange some corners, build a higher bed for little one so he can have a little cave for this toys underneath it (no worries, it is not that high and it has security railings on the side 😉 ). Apart from the issue of the old building being quite draughty and the bathroom being the coldest room in the house (in winter), we were quite happy.

But for no special reason I had another look at that real estate website. And saw the house. Not huge, but bigger than our place now. With a garden. With a cellar (storage capacity!). Built 1980. Only a few streets from here. Affordable.

Without really believing it, we scheduled a viewing with the real estate agent (something we have never done before). Afterwards we found out that the house actually belongs to one of husband’s colleagues. So they had a long chat. And it began to feel like this house has been waiting for us.

So, believe it or not, we are in the process of buying a house! It stills feels rather unreal, but it is happening. – Husband is talking to the bank. I start unearthing stuff we can throw away (you won’t believe the amount of paper work that has been sitting in binders for years… totally shreddable!). We both play games of mentally arranging our furniture in the new house. Little one starts getting excited at the thought of having a bigger room. Older one thinks it really cool that his room will have a (small) balcony. They both love the thought of turning the garden into a football field.

It does feel strange. When we were faced with the choice of going for it or not, both husband and I were a bit “ooooh, are we really doing this?”.  After we chose “yes” we still were “do we really want all this” (meaning the financial side, the moving part). We felt  like we were gambling – having a nice place to live in after all. Should we trade our comfy cave where we feel at home, where the boys have been living all their lives (and where little one was born – literally).

But if feels better every hour. It is happening. We choose this. Choose change (although a small one, staying quite close to our old place) over habit. We will be moving house soon.

(I know that for many of you it might sound ridiculous – such a small move, such little change. But for us it also is a commitment – to stay here even longer. We have been “expats” in this country for years now, always with half a thought on the possibility of leaving soon. But we have grown some roots here, without noticing. At the moment, there is no other place that is pulling us towards it. So we will stay. For a while. And – if everything will be going according to plan – in our new house.