The Adventure Continues…

We really did it. Last Friday we signed a lot of papers – and we got ourselves a house! (Oh well, a lot of it actually belongs to the bank, but that is not the way it fells anyway…)

Our house. I can really say it now. I can say “the rain will be good for our garden”…. A house where we can change things if we want, a garden for me to dig around. – And it is so pretty! The previous owners left it in a great state, so we do not need to start from “nothing”.

Before Friday, there was a manic frenzy of paperwork and things to be considered, of “will this work out” and “are we going to make this appointment” (with husband suddenly having to travel a lot). Now, there is even more to be organised: getting some minor repairs done to the new house, starting the moving business – there are so many people that have to be notified, companies that have to be contacted, contracts that have to be moved with us (think gas, electricity, water, telephone… the lot). And so much to be sorted, thrown away (old paper!) or given away (some of the boys’ old toys).

On top of it all, the in-laws will be coming to visit over Easter – in the old apartment, in its strange in-between stage of half filled boxes and half empty shelves. This is definitely not going to be an elegant Easter celebration. 😉 Plus we had planned to go on holiday after Easter. Planned and booked everything before we even had the slightest inclination of buying a house. So, instead of finishing our boxes, we will be travelling south.  Completely crazy, on the one hand, but maybe also a nice break. But needs some organising too.

So, busy, busy, still very busy – but with a nice picture of our garden in my head, ideas forming of how the house will look like with us (and our stuff) in it.

My plans for a quiet, relaxed and very creative spring have turned upside down.

Not quiet at all.

And, to be honest, not so very creative, if you look at the writing side. Don’t even find much time for my blog. Having finally gotten myself one of the (hopefully) last cold bugs hopping around these days does not really help (sneeze, cough).

But the whole house business is creative in its own way, if you look at it from another angle. So I choose to fill the small notebook I am carrying around with me with measurements and lists of things to do and people to contact, instead of story snippets and dialogues. But story time will come again. Maybe the notebook will then be filled with house things.

Doesn’t matter. I got another one for Christmas (seems like a long time ago). Still empty, waiting to be filled.