Still there… but lying low…

Today is the first day in ages that I am back in the WordPress universe. Ok, maybe not ages, but it has been about… three weeks? Feels like ages. Tried to read all the wonderful posts that have been accumulating in my reader, but could not do it. Too many. But I think I read the ones most important to me.

I had not planned to be absent for so long. The holidays, yes, that was planned. Ten days of almost-no-internet, except for the husband’s mobile, for a quick check of really important emails. It was good, being in another world completely for that time. My great plan was to come back, blog about our glamorous holidays and then go on ranting about life, universe and the huge amount of moving boxes I have to fill until June.

So much for the plan. Coming back I first got lost in the biggest mountain of dirty laundry you can imagine (I just say two phrases: “rainy weather” – “boys playing outside a lot” and you will get the pictures). After I had tackled the mountain (“Mount Mud”), little one got sick. Just after I had the (dangerous) thought in my head: “Hey, we really came through this winter without illness (apart from the odd snotty nose and cough)!” Yep, got punished instantly by little one turning into a little heating stove  the other day. He got over it quite quickly though. Meanwhile I was frantically conjuring up to-do-lists for our move. What to pack next, who to inform when, blablabla…  Yuck.

And of course you know what happened next. Sure, I got little one’s bug. I do most times. He is extra specially cuddly when he is sick, giving me a healthy dose of his bugs via a good sneeze now and then. That plus my own stress, probably lowering my immune system. So now I am the snotty one, feeling miserable. Husband travelling. And a big bunch of family coming for a visit this upcoming weekend. Yeah!!!

But here I am, finally getting to read again. And writing down this pitiful little post.

And hoping that, when the virus and the family have left again, maybe I can finally get down to writing something about our holidays. Or my army of boxes. Or whatever.

Hope to see you then!