Is it really April already?

I cannot believe more than a quarter of 2015 has passed already. It still seems the year has just started. And although I never intended to turn this blog into some sort of personal health rambling, I feel I need to somehow recapture the last months. Just to somehow bundle them up together for myself.

Ok. January. Started nice with watching fireworks on our balcony with the boys sitting on older one’s loft bed, staring out of the windows and pointing out the details to each other. “Look, the red one over there.” “There, the sparkly one!” “Wow, gold!” – But somehow in the course of the next day, I matched to catch the mother of all colds that kept me snotty and coughing and weak for almost the rest of the month. Small consolation that it seemed the whole of this country got the same and the many of the people I talked to where of worse, with fever and such. But still, I spent loads of the time on the sofa again sipping tea. (That sofa was bought as a cuddly reading sofa, not as a constant recovery site!)

When January and my cold where finally over, something new poked up its head: The umbilical hernia (needed to look up that one in the dictionary!) I have been living with since the last pregnancy suddenly turned from being a small beauty issue (a blotched belly button… who cares!) into a major pain. Literally. Hurt and was swollen. So I went to my GP, who sent me to the hospital, where I spent the entire afternoon waiting at the emergency help (don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining – it was very busy there and I obviously was not at the point of dying). They finally managed to sort of push the thingy back again and by that unblocking whatever was blocked. Pain gone. Relief. But they told me it needed surgery to not happen again. So, beginning of February I had my first “real” surgery with general anaesthetic. I have to admit I was a bit nervous, but it all went fine and I felt pretty good pretty quickly again. Two more days on that sofa… but in no time I was up again, just not allowed to carry anything more than my tea pot (ok, I made that one up – but in the beginning I really did not carry anything). Which was at least one opportunity to teach the boys to carry their own stuff, instead of dropping everything on the floor and letting Mummy be the family donkey.

In between of course my eye called for a bit of attention here and there, I experimented with different types of drops to keep it moist and happy, counting the days until that stupid bandage lens finally would come out. I know it was supposed to help my eye to heal, but in the end it was more of a trouble maker instead. The eye was much drier with it, and when it got too dry the lens started to either scratch or move around so that I could not see properly.

BUT: End of March finally came and the doctor removed the lens (I was so nervous … afraid he would say it needed to stay in longer…)! Yippee!!

First it felt like he had not taken something out but put something in. An additional eye lash for example that was facing the wrong way. But I told myself to be patient. After more than half a year of wearing the lens, it was logical the eye needed some time to adapt to its “freedom”.

And it slowly does. I am still putting in some drops to keep it happy, but it is needing less and less of them. The sun glasses, my constant companion since last summer, stay in my pocket more and more. I read more. I use the computer more. I start watching movies on the tv more. (Have not dared to go to the movie theatre yet, but that will come too.) Still it feels tired and grumpy sometimes, and I am very careful to react quickly to that. I really don’t want to get a relapse.

But I am hopeful.

And YES, my eye-sight is good again! I guess most of the feeling of short-sightedness was caused by the lens being dirty or making the eye dry so that it had not enough moisture for seeing properly or whatever.

And it is spring in my garden, the leaves come out, the clematis has started to climb again and yesterday the first three blossoms on the plum tree have opened – immediately visited by at least one excited hungry bee.

So, yes, I am happy.

(But I will resist the temptation of starting to read my favourite blogs today, on top of writing this post. Not too much too quickly. One thing at a time.)

Have a nice sunny week, everyone!